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Kirkwood Farm

Located in Wayne County Ohio in the heart of Amish County

and is the home of our blooming business.

 Kirkwood Farm is a family run business specializing in taking the time to grow the very best flower plants for color and drying. Our growing season starts in brisk February when we start the annual flower seeds in flats in our snow covered greenhouse.  When spring breaks it's time to transplant the started plants into the garden. At different times of the growing season we select the annual flowers for picking and we start drying and pressing them on a daily basis.  In our perennial flower garden we have an excellent selection of flowers and grasses that are also pick and dry on a daily basis.  The handmade wreaths and greeting cards are made from the individually picked flowers from our garden.



GMO free brown eggs from our free range, cage free chickens are available for sale. Our flock of chickens consists of Barred Plymouth Rocks, Delaware, and Black Australorp.



When in season we grow three varieties of garlic: German White, Music, and German Red.



We grow a variety of apples, peaches, and blue berries.



We hope you enjoy the handmade items and much as we

enjoy growing and making them.


John and Kathy Kirkwood